Bodyfest is the leading Swedish festival within the EBM, body and electro punk scene. The festival will offer you both Swedish and international acts, in an awesome mix of both old favourites and hot newcomers. We promise you tons of sweat and stomping!

The Bodyfest festival started in 2010 at Fryshuset and since 2011 it has been located at Nalen in the center of Stockholm.

These guys don’t require much introduction. Legends within their own respective genre with Fixmer from Techno and McCarthy from EBM with Nitzer Ebb. They met in 2002 when Mute asked Terence Fixmer to do a remix of Nitzer Ebb. A year later they joined forces and released their first album Between the devil… in 2004. Another album Into the night came 2008 and now they are at it again with a newly released EP Chemicals/Wrong Planet.

We are of course very excited to see both new material and old material on the big stage of Nalen. We are equally excited to see one of the best frontmen of EBM join the stage with one of the coolest techno-dj’s on the planet. Bring your dancing boots!

Tyske Ludder was a part of the line-up of the first Bodyfest back in 2010 and we are happy to welcome them back to the festival!

The German EBM-band has become an institution of the scene. Almost 30 years have passed since Olaf Reimers and Claus Albers formed the band and they can now look back on lots of albums and EPs and countless live performances. Make sure your boots are laced and be prepared for the energetic live show of Tyske Ludder on Nalens big stage.

The comeback of the year! We are extremely happy to present the hardest swedish EBM ever, live on the Bodyfest big stage. Belive it or not, it is now ten years since Menticide released the classic album ”n.m.e.” With legendary members Christian R (Pouppée Fabrikk) and Johan Damm (Dupont) the duo made an intense, hard and sucessfull album with a lot of hits like Komm zu mir, Painkiller and Search and destroy. Live at Bodyfest, Menticide promise special guests, old hits as well as new songs. And you will love it.
Prepare for tons of steel, stomping and pure loving hate! And remember: You are your own worst ememy!

We are happy to announce Frontal as the opening act of Bodyfest 2017! The German based band has made Anhalt EBM for over a decade and been known in the EBM-scene since the beginning. The sound is minimal but at the same time hardhitting and catchy, which perfectly fits with the voice of the singer Alex Wobig. The live shows of Frontal are great and energetic and those of you who saw them at Bodytåget back in 2009 know what to expect. Lass uns Tanzen!

More artists and performances will be announced.


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