Welcome to Nalen


Nalen is a well-known venue in the centre of Stockholm City. Nalen has a long and fascinating story – the house was built in 1888 and have since served as the location for political meetings, sport events, concerts and other activites. During the 1930’s-1960’s, Nalen was especially known for its jazz music and ballroom dances.

Nalen has since been renovated, but with all its original charm still present, and is today a house with concerts, events, conferences and meetings. Nalen also has its own restaurang.


Six days a week Nalen Restaurant creates traditional Swedish courses with a modern twist and lots of personality. We work in a sustainable way with mainly organic and local products, and we only serve things that we’ve cooked ourselves. We also have two separate chambers suitable for groups of 8-28 people, if you wish to dine more privately.

Ordinary opening hours

Mondays 11 am to 3 pm, 4 pm to 10 pm

Tuesday – Friday 11 am to 3 pm, 4 pm to 11 pm

Saturday 4 pm to 11 pm

Closed on Sundays

If you want to make a table reservation please call us on +468 505 292 01 or use the online booking tool. You can also book from The Fork. If you have questions about our restaurant, send an email to restaurang@nalen.com.


Nalen has one of Stockholms most intimate and iconic concert venues. On our three stages, we have artists and performers from all over the world and in different types of genres. Click here to see what we have booked in the near future.

Please note that all of our concerts have an age limit of 18 years.

For questions about our concerts, please send an email to konsert@nalen.com.


Each year, Nalen hosts different types of meetings, conferences, private parties, banquets and business events. Our facilities have a capacity from 6 people to 600 guests with 8 different rooms and venues, and the entire business is ecolabelled.

If you want to know more about about Nalens meetings and event, send an email to info@nalen.com.


If you have any questions regarding Nalen, please send an email to any of the adresses above or to info@nalen.com. You can also call us on on +468 505 292 00 on weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm, or come visit! Nalen is located on Regeringsgatan 74 in Stockholm city.