Bodyfest 2014

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Bodyfest is the leading Swedish festival within the EBM, body and electro punk scene. The festival started in 2010 at Fryshuset and since 2011 it has been located at Nalen in the center of Stockholm. The 1st of November is the date of Bodyfest 2014. The festival will offer you both Swedish and international acts, in an awesome mix of both old favourites and hot newcomers. We promise you tons of sweat and stomping!


This is just a dream come true. Borghesia has been on top of our wish list for many years now and finally magic happens. We proudly present this Slovenian EBM-giant that formed in Ljubljana in 1982. Along with Laibach they formed the activist group “NeueSlowenische Kunst – NSK” and as well as their Slovenian colleagues, Borghesia had a strong political agenda. Musically, the band was eager to use early sampling techniques to construct tracks from cut up radio noises and movie dialogues. They developed their own brand of EBM that combined symphonic synthesizers, funky  basslines, military drum beats and harsch, crisp sequenced rhythms that repeat in trance-like loops. Add equal parts Chris & Cosey, Cabaret Voltaire, Art of Noise and Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

They visited Sweden in 1988 with a show in Gothenburg that was broadcasted by Swedish National Radio (P3 live) and their latest visit in Sweden was in 1990. Between 1995 and 2009 the band was pretty much non-existing but since 2009 they are back to once again share their beliefs on world politics.

On June 10 the brand new album, “And Man Created God”, is released and on November 1st we are drenched in tears when Borghesia enter the main stage of Nalen.

DUPONT – Old school set

We have the pleasure to present Dupont feat. JohanDamm in the line-up of Bodyfest 2014!

In the beginning of their career, Dupont, was one of the initiators of the second wave of old school EBM. The debut album “Ukraina” from 2001 had a lot of attitude and is nowadays considered being acenterpiece of Swedish EBM records. After the lead singer Johan Damm left the band, the remaining members Rickard Svensson and Daniel Jonassonchanged the concept of the band. Rickard became the new lead singer and the band started to combine their EBM sound with pop elements. The new concept of Dupont have resulted in two more records, “Intermezzo” and “Entering the Ice Age”, but at Bodyfest 2014 Dupont will go back to their roots…

Dupont have only done a few shows featuring Johan after he quit the band. At Familientreffen 2013 they delivered an excellent show, supported by some beer drinking well-known EBM-personalities on stage including Patrick Codenys of Front 242, HenrikBjörkk of Pouppée Fabrikk and Gustav Jansson of Sturm Café to name a few. We can’t promise you that they are included in Duponts show at Bodyfest2014, but we can promise you a set of pure old school hits and one hell of a show!

WULFBAND – First official gig at Bodyfest 2014

They are wildlings spawn out of the north, that much we know. Creatures that should be better off hidden somewhere in the deep forest without the interaction of humans. Now that we face the inevitable, how should we react? The best solution is probably to join the strong forces of raw nature and release the beast within us. For this is raw EBM in its purest form and lyrics are grunted out entirely in the German language. Put together with a set goal to be at their best on the 1st of November and with their first album to be released at Bodyfest.
We booked this band without hearing more than a couple of songs and we have never heard music this awesome from a band that to this date never even performed live. Question is – Who are they?

This much we can tell you:

You will be blown away when you hear their music
You will be blown away when you see this act perform live
You will be blown away by the sight of distorted faces that probably will haunt you in your sleep forever….

Beware, the Wulf is coming!


Hallelujah! Praise Buddha, Shiva and Osiris – A Split Second are back as the first non-Swedish band to
play at Bodyfest for a second time. Ever since their fantastic performance in 2011 we have been longing to see them live again. Sure, they are old men but they are not at all ready for the retirement home. These guys are in better shape than ever.

A hard-hitting and energetic show combined with tons of great hit songs is what we can promise to those who didn’t see the show in 2011. Be sure not to miss “Flesh”, “Mambo Witch”, “On Command”, “Rigor Mortis” together with hypnotic live versions of “The Colloseum Crash” and “Colonial Discharge”. This will be a gig to remember….again.


There are many of us that highly praise this booking. The odd one out of the classic bands coming from 80’s EBM scene. Gothic, EBM and Industrial, all at the same time and lead by the dark and powerful voice of Rodney Orpheus. The band hails back from 1980 and the first releases saw daylight in 1985. In 1987 they signed with the classic label “Play it again Sam” and with the PIAS compilation “This is Electronic Body Music” from 1988 and the song “One millionth Happy Customer” they became a well-known act all over Europe. They continued to release new material up until 2000 when the latest album “Wetware” arrived. After a couple of quiet years they re-grouped in 2007 and started touring again.

Last year The Cassandra Complex self-released a compilation called “All the things I’ve always wanted” and together with the brilliant album “Theomania” is where you should start if you haven’t heard the band before. With hits like “Ground”, “Nightfall (over E.C.), “The War against Sleep”, “God John” and the previously mentioned “One millionth happy customer” Bodyfest are happy to invite this classic band to Stockholm for the first time ever.


This Belgian band started in late 2010 when BORG aka Peter Mastbooms (The Klinik) and Glenn Keteleer (Radical G) met at a concert. BORG told Glenn how eager he was to let his creativity and energy out, after recently having to abandon his former band. Minds and ideas melted instantly and just a few days later their first song “Phoenix” was made. The band continued to produce minimal EBM with an aggressive and modern approach and in 2013 they released “Phoenix EP” on Out Of Line.

The Juggernauts did an amazing show at Kalabalik på Tyrolen last summer and we are sure that their energetic and powerful live performances will fit Bodyfest perfect!


EkoBrottsMyndigheten was founded in 2005 when Martin and Pontus decided to bring humour into the EBM-scene and combine it with the adrenaline, aggression and power of old school EBM. The original plan they had was to make EBM with lyrics in many different languages but most of EkoBrottsMyndighetens songs are in Swedish. Party hits like “Kängdans”, “Dolph” and “Extremsport” has made them well known within the Swedish EBM-scene.

Live, EkoBrottsMyndigheten, are spreading a lot of energy from the stage which turns the audience into a stomping moshpit. The show at Bodyfest will not be an exception!


16:00 Doors open
16:30 EkoBrottsMyndigheten
17:15 The Juggernauts
18:30 Dupont
19:30 The Cassandra Complex
21:00 Borghesia
22:30 A Split-Second
00:00 Wulfband
02:00 Doors close

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