Bodyfest 2015

Eventet har redan varit
Bodyfest is the leading Swedish festival within the EBM, body and electro punk scene. The festival started in 2010 at Fryshuset and since 2011 it has been located at Nalen in the center of Stockholm. The festival will offer you both Swedish and international acts, in an awesome mix of both old favourites and hot newcomers. We promise you tons of sweat and stomping!

This Norwegian band requires no particular presentation to most fans of electronic music. It has been far too long since Stephan Groth and his
comrades took the trip to play in our capital city. Starting out with Soli Deo Gloria (1993) and 7 (1996) where they touched more on elektropop and EBM. These are overall fantastic albums, however, it’s with the following two albums, Welcome to Earth (2000) and Harmonizer (2002) that they cemented their place on the Futurepop throne.
With songs like Starsign, Eclipse, Non-Stop Violence, Ashes to Ashes, Deep Red, Until the End of the World and the cover of Shine On to name a few, they’ve been touring the world as one one of the biggest bands within our genre. It’s been over 10 years since their last gig in Stockholm and Bodyfest are of course extremely proud to give you “Apop”.

Even this year we managed to bring in one of the classic bands that started out before half of our visitors were even born. Portion Control formed in 1980 and has influenced a wide variety of bands from the EBM scene such as Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy but also fellow countrymen The Prodigy and Depeche Mode, the latter whom they supported on their UK and European tour in 1984.
After disappearing from the scene in 1987 they performed under the name Solar Enemy between 1990-1993. When finally reforming in 2004 with the critically acclaimed album “Wellcome” we saw a mature and updated version of the band, with pulsating rhythms and melodic passages, industrial music shaped into songs rather than atmospheres. Since “Wellcome” Portion Control have put out an album almost every second year and they have a really huge bucket of songs to choose from when it comes to performing live “Amnesia”, “Hardman”, “Katsu”, “Icon”, “Skins”, “Deadstar”, to mention a few, are all awesome EBM-tracks that will be amazing to hear and witness during a show. Last time we were invaded in Stockholm by Portion Control was at the Tinitus festival in 2009 and it’s about time we bring back these industrial pioneers as well as introducing them to the younger crowd.

When we saw this woman performing live on Dans Dakar last year we instantly knew we found an artist bound to end up on Bodyfest. Raw, “in your face”, bombastic electro that makes it impossible to stand still and just perfect for the main stage of Nalen.
Karin grew up in Dalarna but has lived most part of her grown life in Bergen, Norway where she has had a lot of success during the years. Already in 2004 she won “Spellemansprisen” equal to a Swedish “Grammis” and this year she performed in Norway’s draft for Eurovision with the song “Human Beings”. She has released six albums during her career, where the latest one “Apocalypse Pop” came out early this year. The latest albums are possibly best described as electro goth or industrial pop and musically it has some similarities with Fad Gadget or Gary Numan while here voice has been compared to Karin Dreijer or Björk. This gig is part of a Swedish mini tour where Bodyfest has an exclusive gig in Stockholm and we can warmly recommend you to go through the videos of songs like “Thousand Loaded Guns”, “Look what you’ve done”, “Fryngies”, “Restless”, “Shine” or “Can’t stop now” when preparing for the 24th of October. As a bonus Karin Park is also performing on Electronic Summer this year if you feel that you can’t get enough.

Introducing our newest act on the bill this year with just a few live performances on their conscience. Consisting of the individuals Carl and Carolina, The Operating Tracks first saw the light of the day in 2014. While Carolina is on her first adventure, Carl is far from a debutant when it comes to EBM or electronic music. With several projects ongoing during the last decade he is also a brilliant remixer under the moniker NerWraK. The Operating Tracks is in our opinion made out of a blueprint on how EBM should be played. Pulsating, dark, evil and accompanied with a harsh and distorted voice. This performance will be tailor made together with Bodyfest and you should expect guests, late night mayhem and perhaps even a debut release on the day of the event.

Classic Swedish EBM at its best, last heard at Bodyfest 2011.Ten years after their first album release.“So Seelisch, So Schön!“, Sturm Café is back with a new, full length, album – “Europa!”. This is fun, simple EBM delivered with heavy beats and a catchy sound.
We’re happy to announce their return to Bodyfest 2015!

If you are into Old School EBM, you are going to like this a lot. The Austrian band NZ is taking you back to the roots. The catchy and danceable music combined with aggressive vocals and smashing drums sound like the genre did in the 80’s. The live performances of NZ are both excellent and energetic. Those of you who saw them at WGT this year know what to expect!

We are pleased to welcome these hard hitting newcomers to Bodyfest 2015!


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