Growing Up In Public Presents

Eventet har redan varit
Growing Up in Public returns to Stockholm for a night of eye and ear popping sight and sounds brought to you together in a CCC event.

Growing Up In Public Presents is a concept pop up club night that takes place as often as possible where and when possible. We base our idea and ideals on Communication, Collaboration, Collective and try to maintain that the support of diversity in the arts and across all mediums is vital to maintain a healthy, open minded, and creative community and give one another space to grow up in public at their own pace.

GROWING UP IN PUBLIC presents: En lollipopped Lördag på Nalen med

Let’s Say We Did
Inspired by “the sound of young Scotland” and the DIY- ethics behind Postcard Records as well as by the american underground scene in the 90’s with bands like Pavement, Sebadoh, Silver Jews, L.S.W.D has been making lo-fi pop since 2008. They have released 2 albums and 4 EP’s on their own label Nesna Records.

Georgian Waters
No band feels more uncomfortable with writing an introduction but then again Georgian Waters is a band already making waves in their hometown of Stockholm and no long introduction is truly needed at this point. Their musical style and sounds has become more diverse than their earlier recordings while lyrical content has become more satirical. Quite literally they are a sexy and sad rave-pop psychosis! They may have even coined the genre Rave-pop and their upcoming ep will released in the following year. For those of you growing tired with the current nouveau psychedelic movement, Georgian Waters is your tall, very tall glass of water

The Cascades
This Stockholm based band’s music draws comarissons from somewhere between My Bloody Valentines’ sparkling walls of gutars and The byrds’ pop sensitivity or maybe between The Cure’s “Seventeen Second” and Neil Young’s “Zuma”.

The always pop-delicious swirling vinyl of Stockholm’s most grooving djs
Heaven Up Here and Jonatan Södergren

This is where 2015 begins. Come shake a leg, an arm or a hand and connect the world!


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