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Bodyfest 2018

Saturday October 6

Bodyfest is the leading Swedish festival within the EBM, body and electro punk scene. The festival will offer you both Swedish and international acts, in an awesome mix of both old favourites and hot newcomers. We promise you tons of sweat and stomping!

This years line-up and schedule:

16.30 Doors open
17.30 Roya
18.10 Underviewer
19.20 Leaether Strip
20.30 S.P.O.C.K.
22.30 The Young Gods
00.00 Diesel Dudes
02.00 Good night
Please note that these are estimated starting times, and they may come to change

A big warm welcome to these Swiss industrial giants that haven’t played in Sweden since the Arvika festival in 2006.
Formed in 1985 with a band name adapted from an early Swans song title and over 30 years later they have released 11 studio albums, several live albums, composed soundtracks to various movies and worked together with string orchestras. In Switzerland and especially in their home town Geneva they are considered a cultural treasure and are frequently consulted when it comes to composing music for various installations and other happenings.

The Young Gods have been pushing the limits of sound ever since they started. They began as pioneers of industrial punk but the genres later on even include surreal cabaret, techno and ambient music. If you think that Ministry invented the genre “industrial punk” you have to think again and listen to the track “Envoye” by The Young Gods that was released in 1986. At the time both bands were still affiliated with the same record company, “Wax Trax”, so with that knowlegde in mind we just have to do the math.

When David Bowie released “Outside” in 1995 he was asked if he was influenced by Nine Inch Nails and Bowie answered. “The band that I was actually quite taken with was three guys from Switzerland called The Young Gods…”

The Young Gods first got introduced to the Swedish audience in 1992 when they played in the Sahara tent at the Hultsfred festival. Almost everybody who attended that gig found salvation. With the newly released album “T.V. Sky” they made such an intense performance, leaving the spectators with open mouths drooling.

Now it’s time for a new generation to experience this intense live act and at Bodyfest we expect endless hitsongs coming our way. With a catalogue of songs like Strangel, T.V.Sky, Skinflowers, Envoye, Lucidogen, Our House, Kissing the Sun, Longue Route, Gasoline Man and the cover song “Did you miss me” it’s hard not to look forward to one of the greatest industrial bands out there.

S.P.O.C.K. (SE)
Klingons, aliens, androids and audience of Bodyfest – this is an important message from outer space. The number one boy band of the universe is a part of the Bodyfest 2018 line-up and celebrates 30 years as a band. Don´t miss out on being a part of this never ending party!
Star Pilot On Channel K – perhaps more known as S.P.O.C.K – are, with their spacepop, completely unique in the scene. The band was founded by Android and Cpt. Eddie B. Kirk, based on planet Sweden, in 1988. Commercial success started in 1990 with the release of “Silicon Dream”, nowadays an ultra-rare collector’s item. But this was just the beginning of what would become an initiatively witty career. Shortly after they appeared on “A Swedish Tribute to Depeche Mode”, made numerous concerts that took the scene with storm and they soon became a cult phenomenon, not only in Sweden but also abroad, which eventually landed a record deal. The first to come out of this new collaboration was the now legendary single “Never Trust a Klingon”. Up until 2001 the band released a long series of catchy songs on five studio albums and got several SAMA (Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards) awards including “Best Artist”, “Best Live Act” and “Best Album”. Their live shows are well known to be amazingly enthusing. S.P.O.C.K lives up to its principle of being not just musicians but entertainers in its true meaning. Fortunately, original founder Android and his supporting crew, have after 30 years no desire whatsoever to do a farewell tour – it’s just too much fun in going on and on and on!

The Bodyfest crew is proud to welcome the star pilots to the big stage of Nalen. Spock’n’roll!

Bodyfest proudly present one more of the great living EBM-legends of the world, Leæther Strip!

Leæther Strip was founded in Denmark back in 1988 by Claus Larsen and was one of the earliest and most important bands on the legendary German record label Zoth Ommog. Since then they have released at least eighteen albums and have given all friends of heavy Electronic Music hits like “Strap me down”, “Evil speaks” and “Torment Me”. Leæther Strip is a never ending EBM-machine and we can promise a really intensive and unforgettable show live on stage!

With thirty years in the EBM-scene, Leæther Strip is one of the most important bands we have presented. With hard and at the same time extremely danceable rhythms, with heavy drums and even a great portion of humour, we are extremely proud to welcome Claus Larsen and Leæther Strip to Sweden and Bodyfest. Strap us all down!

Finally we have this long awaited booking to look forward too. A band that few people know of but almost everybody has heard before.

Before joining Front 242 in 1981 and devoting several decades to this band, Patrick Codenys and Jean-Luc De Meyer worked together as a duo between 1978-1981 under the name Underviewer, using a bass, analog synthesizers, rhythm boxes and a tape recorder… Dormant for over 30 years, Underviewer recovered tracks from their early 4-track tape recordings and even recreated some of them by reusing the same vintage machines for the release in December 2016 of their first full length album “Wonders & Monsters”.

The album consist of shy, experimental electronic tracks clearly inspired by pop, but based more on sound associations and noise rather than the catchy melodies. Reactivated after many years, the Underviewer takes listeners on a journey back in time, to the period in which there were no prefabricated sounds yet and hyperkinetic rhythms were still to be invented. The musicians decided to resurrect their first project in search of what they felt in the past, creating their early electronics sounds on old synthesizers. The brilliant and characteristic voice of Jean-Luc De Meyer combined with the music of Patrick Codenys, the core of Front 242, going back to the origin.

The songs Syncussion, I Remember and Trouble are to be found as bonus tracks on the Front 242 re-release of Geography and one of the more famous Front 242 songs of all time “Kampfbereit” is actually an Underviewer song from the beginning.

Bodyfest are pleased to welcome back both Jean-Luc De Meyer and Patrick Codenys but this time under a new (old) name.

The Bodyfest crew are thrilled to present these dumbell lifting strongmen from Oakland, California, as a part of the line-up this year. After shows at both Familientreffen and Kalabalik has the American band, formed in 2010, become known to the European EBM scene.

Diesel Dudes songs are all about muscles, going to the gym and adrenaline delivered in a danceable, energizing, electro punky way. Their self-titled genre “UNDERPRODUCED SWEATY, HYPER ROMAN ELECTRO PUNK FOR YOU TO HEAR WHILE YOUR BODY IS GROWING STRONGER” describes quite well what to expect of the show on the small stage of Bodyfest.

From the small but thriving scene of Stockholm we bring you our newest star Roya. She moved to Sweden in 2010 from Seattle and started making electronic music just before her release of the single “Centrum” and the debut E.P. “Trax” that was released in 2016.

While the recorded stuff is melancholic with beautiful melodies here and there, the live experience is a somewhat different story. Turning and twisting on every knob in her collection of synthesizers, she summons the haunting and chaotic spirits that wants to suck your soul dry.

With the newly self-released debut album “Hive” from May this year Roya takes another step in opening up for a bigger crowd and we are so pleased to welcome her to Bodyfest this year.

Hit songs you should listen closely to are the singles “Centrum” and “Home”, the beautiful “Day one” and the dark and fateful “Mode”. How these songs will sound live you’ll never know until you stand in front of the small stage at Nalen on the 6th October. It will be an awesome show though, that much we can tell you.

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