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Bodyfest is the leading Swedish festival within the EBM, body and electro punk scene. The festival will offer you both Swedish and international acts, in an awesome mix of both old favourites and hot newcomers. We promise you tons of sweat and stomping!

The line-up for 2019: Front 242, Die Krupps, Severe Illusion, Presto Fervant, Elm and Nattskiftet. Schedule to come.

Front 242 (BE)
Could there be any better way to close the circle with a decade of Bodyfest? After 9 whole years Front 242 are back to headline Scandinavia’s EBM-festival. They will return after a year in hiatus and this time we have ourselves a quite an exclusive show where Bodyfest is one of only four dates for 2019. While ”Vintage” still is the alias for the performance we of course hope to hear some old songs that hasn’t been aired for a while. Let us welcome the mighty 242 to end Bodyfest’s 10 year anniversary at the big stage.

5 – 10 – 2019 – The stars are shining bright

Die Krupps (DE)
Performing a special electro set for Bodyfest

In the beginning, with the first primal steps of EBM, you could clearly hear the influences from Punk Rock. Both D.A.F and Die Krupps came from the Punk scene and what you heard on “Die Kleinen und Die Bösen” with songs like “Nacht Arbeit” and “Essen Dann Schlafen” was taken into perfection with “Volle Kraft Voraus” and especially “Tod und Teufel”, both songs on Die Krupps’ second album “Volle Kraft Voraus” from 1982.

Ever since the monumental release “I” in 1992, Die Krupps musical style could be described as Industrial Metal or by their own words, Metal Machine Music. With endless hits from the 90’s era they have toured the world and had a great influence on the Neue Deutsche Härte scene with bands like Rammstein, Eisbrecher etc.

Although there’s still a few that remember that Die Krupps was there to define the EBM scene in the beginning of the 80’s, it’s was a long time ago we were able to witness and hear this music performed live. A light of hope was heard on the 2010 release of mini-album “Als wären wir für immer” where songs like “The Chameleon Man” and the cover of Ralf Dörper’s own Propaganda song “Dr Mabuse” showed a more electronic approach to the songs than heard in a very long time. The hopes where even higher with the brilliant album “The Machinist of Joy” from 2015 including one of the best EBM-songs ever made, “Schmutzfabrik”. However, on stage Die Krupps has stuck to the world of Metal Machine Music.

Now, the Bodyfest audience will be able to witness something that in Sweden hasn’t happened since the late 80’s, where we get to hear Die Krupps present their old songs from “Volle Kraft Voraus” together with newer tracks in a strict electronic set up. We have been trying to get this show aboard ever since 2016 and finally our persistence paid off! Dare we say we are super thrilled? This will be a milestone in the history of Bodyfest!

Performing songs from the debut album “Discipline is reward enough”.

It’s been 16 years since the first real album by Severe Illusion saw first light. These gentlemen met by chance in 2000 and found chemistry that would pay off extremely really well in the years that followed. Their first release on a label, the EP “Discover without reflection”, came in 2002 and it was a promising taste of what was about to come. When the album showed up the following year it hit by full force. “Discipline is reward enough” is a monster of an album and it has definitely not lost anything over the tide of time. The remastered version released by Advoxya (HUN) in 2017 contained, except for the remastered versions or the original songs, even old demos, live-versions and collaborations with other artists.

The idea for a show surrounding this album came with the re-release and the sole reason for this show is that the album is too f*****g awesome to let it slip by somewhat unnoticed. With this release, the band has returned, to some extent, to their chaotic past and it is extremely pleasant to present a special show like this for the Bodyfest audience.

The old school EBM band Presto Fervant formed in 1989 was the first band of Fredrik Lundvall Kindsäter (Octolab) and Ronny Larsson (Container 90). The duo released a split-CD together with the band Punch & Judy 1992 and made a performance at Hultsfredsfestivalen the same year. Presto Fervant officially quit in 1994, but the songs were re-released in 2006 by the German EBM organization Electric Tremor. Despite the bands short career it made an impact of the old school EBM scene and has got a cult status over the years.

When Electric Tremor turned 10 years in 2012 the band made an exclusive show and of course Presto Fervant is doing the same thing at Bodyfest. Don’t miss this special opportunity!

ELM is the latest project of Peter Elm, known from the band Restricted Area. Peter Elm has been in the scene for a long time and really know the art of making minimalistic EBM. The basslines, powerful vocals and attitude of ELM hooked enthusiasts of old school EBM from the start and we will surely hear more from ELM in the future.

We are proud to present the first ELM show in Sweden at Bodyfest. Make sure to lace your boots!

Nattskiftet was founded in Gothenburg in 2015 and quick became known within the Swedish EBM scene. Like many EBM-bands the songs of Nattskiftet are romanticizing hard factory work, but the EBM bass lines mixed with pop and the female vocals makes their catchy music stand out. Is there a better way to start the evening of the 10th Bodyfest than Nattskiftets first show in Stockholm? We don’t think so!

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