Stockholm Garage Rock Day 2019

Eventet har redan varit
En dundrande helkväll med garagerock väntas i Nalen Klubb! På scen denna kväll: Electric Frankenstein (US), Puffball (SE), The Sewergrooves (SE), Columbian Neckties (DK) och "Demons" (SE).

High Energy Punk Rock & Roll from New Jersey, USA. For almost 30 years and with over 100 record releases ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN has greatly influencing such bands as The Hellacopters, Gluecifer, Turbonegro, and many many more. They have played everywhere, they have been reviewed in all sorts of magazines, and have had their songs or artwork featured in many videogames, movies and tv shows.
ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN aren’t young or pretty, nor are they here to be your girlfriend – because they are here to ROCK!

Swedish fast playing rock band from Västerås formed in 1995. PUFFBALL has released five albums with furious mad dog petrol burning rock’n’roll and participated on numerous compilations. PUFFBALL is much in the vein of bands like Zeke, Supersuckers and Motörhead – but faster and more energetic. The band disbanded in 2005, but never really split. Since then they have showed up at only a few events of their choice – and Stockholm Garage Rock Day is one of them.
If you are ready for some fast and furious rock and roll played with reckless abandon (yet deadly accuracy), then PUFFBALL is your band!

Garage rock from Stockholm, Sweden. THE SEWERGROOVES play a brand of quite unique soulful rock. The band has been around for almost 25 years, and released six albums and what seems like a million 7-inches. With great melodies and hooks THE SEWERGROOVES are the essence of old school garage punk and garage rock.

Garage rock band from Aalborg, Denmark. Garage will always be Garage and that means getting your hands dirty. A COLUMBIAN NECKTIES show are total revelations cramped with energy to an extent, that one could illuminate the Autobahn at night. Most of all, COLUMBIAN NECKTIES are real, sweaty, energetic boys from nextdoor playing mindblowing Garage.

High-energy rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. This fast playing trio is the perfect mix of punk rock screaming distortion, muscle car roars and power pop catchy lyrics. The band formed 1994, and took the name “DEMONS” on the advice of Lux Interior and Poison Ivy from The Cramps. Fun fact is that The Hellacopters recorded a cover version of “DEMONS” song “Electrocute” in 2008 for the album “Head Off”. “DEMONS” have toured Europe, USA and Japan, released seven albums, a bundle of singles and EP’s, plus participated on a large number of compilations. In 2018 an mini album was recorded together with the legendary Jeff Dahl. “DEMONS” new album will be out in April 2019.

Jonas Bjälesjö has been spinning his favorite 45s at festivals, clubs, rock’n’roll events and private parties in the whole of Scandinavia for over 25 years.
At Stockholm Garage Rock Day he will play a mix of crazy rock’n’roll, crude 60’s and 70’s punk, stompin’ soul, ravin’ r&b/blues, sleazy exotica, reverb drenched surf, savage instrumentals and demented country/hillbilly.

Denna konsert är stående.

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