Bodyfest 2021

Eventet har redan varit
Bodyfest tillbaka där de hör hemma!

Bodyfest proudly present:

Absolute Body Control (BE):

Celebrating over 40 years as a band, Dirk Ivens and Eric Van Wonterghem will be coming to Sweden to play hitsongs spanning from their cult hit ”Is there an Exit?” (1981) to their newly released album ”A New Dawn” (2021).

Agent Side Grinder (SE):

Definitely one of the biggest swedish bands in alternative music. Their current album ”A/X” was one of the best albums, all categories, in 2019 and they are of course eager to perform these songs once again before heading in to the studio and work on the sequel.

Anna Öberg & Härsk (SE)

Anna Öberg with a past in synth/new wave band Ladomir released her first solo album in 2017 and her latest and third arrived last year. Musically hard to describe but try analogue synthpop with layers of punk and industrial and wtih ingenious lyrics in Swedish. Last performance in Stockholm with Klubb Död in 2018 witnessed a band fit for a larger stage.

Spit Mask (US)

Spit Mask is an industrial project residing in Berlin, Germany consisting of Rachel and Bryan Jackson, both on vocals and electronics. The synth driven pair mix early industrial with modern machines to create a torrent of hate, love, and sex. Their debut full length LP was released in 2019 and we can only hope that a follow up is not far away. Expect intensity driven to eleven.

The Operating Tracks (SE):

Back on the line-up after their stunning performance in 2015. Back with new material that will be presented live together with some amazing guests.


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