Bodyfest 2023

Bodyfest är Sveriges ledande synthfestival med inriktning på EBM, Body och Electropunk. Festivalen startades 2010 och sedan 2011 arrangeras festivalen på Nalen.

The Brides of the Black Room
The Brides of the Black Room are more like an art collective than a regular band. With the fantastic debut album ”Blood & Fire” from 2021 they told their story through their weird and beautiful videos. From the prologue of ”Ambulance” to the season finale in ”Watch me Burn” we went for a ride together with the first seasons three main characters. Then silence. Until now. The Brides of the Black Room are starting up their second season at Bodyfest with their first official show ever. The ever so cool front woman, Lea Alazam, are leading the troops towards new exciting adventures. Be prepared to see a spectacular show together with amazing songs.

Leæther Strip
Bodyfest proudly present one of the great living EBM-legends of the world! Leæther Strip was founded in Denmark back in 1988 by Claus Larsen and was one of the earliest and most important bands on the legendary German record label Zoth Ommog. Since then they have released well over 20 albums and have given all friends of heavy Electronic Music hits like ”Strap me down”, ”Evil speaks” and ”Torment Me”. Leæther Strip is a never ending EBM-machine and we can promise a really intensive and unforgettable show live on stage!

With thirty years in the EBM-scene, Leæther Strip is one of the most important bands we have presented. With hard and at the same time extremely danceable rhythms, with heavy drums and even a great portion of humour, we are extremely proud to welcome Claus Larsen and Leæther Strip to Sweden and Bodyfest. Strap us all down!

aux animaux
aux animaux is a darkwave artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her songs draw inspiration from the 80s dark wave and goth bands, as well as occultism and horror movies. Born and raised in Istanbul, she is a self-taught musician that worked as a professional bass guitarist for several years up until moving to Sweden almost 15 years ago. With aux animaux, on stage she sings as well as alternating between theremin and bass guitar. The theremin, which she considers to be her source of sorcery, is the only instrument that is played without actually touching. With several releases since the start in 2015 we can also expect new songs to be heard at Bodyfest. Expect a really strong visual experience.

From the south of Sweden comes Paula Lè Boss and Rickard Rosendahl aka KUNT, a fairly new acquaintance on the Swedish alternative scene. Their blend of punk, ebm and synth-pop is quite rare and mixed with the energetic live performances we recommend that you don’t miss out on their first show in Stockholm at Bodyfest. KUNT’s first album is yet to be released but the duo released a new EP in March and the songs are so strong and intriguing that we had to book them at first sight. Check it out on Bandcamp.

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