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What is the Richboyz PROJECT?

The Richboyz Project is an international community service program dedicated to giving hard working dancers world wide opportunities. The opportunity to share their talents and passions in the place where they inspire to fulfill their dreams and become professional dancers.

Founded by Rob Rich in the summer of 2012. He meant to display his gratitude for the support of five young male dancers he mentored caught the eye of artists from all over the world causing a demand for more from the RICHBOYZ.

With much thought and preparation he decided to take the concept of giving back to the dance
community to another level. The RICHBOYZ now have grown to an international family supporting over 60 members from numerous states in America, Australia, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Denmark, Israel, Japan, and Mexico with official chapters in Mexico, Switzerland and Israel.

The project has toured in 5 different countries with different shows and now Rob Rich and Ambra Succi are bringing the RichBoyz and their show “NINJA” to Sweden and Nalen.

So come join us for an explosive and versatile night at Nalen filled with Dance and passion.


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